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A soap and cleaning product package was included with my water system. How do I get the products?

When you purchase a water system, you may be offered a package of cleaning and soap products to maintain your system. It’s important to understand how to obtain these products and how to use them correctly.

The first step is to check the manufacturer’s website, where you may be able to purchase the cleaning and soap products directly or find a list of authorized retailers. You may also be able to purchase them through a professional installer or plumber who installed your system.

If you are unable to find the cleaning and soap products on the manufacturer’s website or through a professional installer, it’s important to contact the manufacturer’s customer service department for assistance. They may be able to provide information on alternative suppliers or offer a solution to your issue.

It’s also important to note that these cleaning and soap products should be used only as directed by the manufacturer. Improper use can damage your water system and void the warranty. Be sure to read the instructions for use and follow them carefully.

In summary, it’s important to understand how to obtain cleaning and soap products that were included in the package of your water system. You can check the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service department for assistance. Be sure to use the products as directed by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your water system and voiding the warranty.

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